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About Quoodo jobs

UAE's capital Abu Dhabi is a dream job destination for expatriates for decades. Abu Dhabi is the preferred destination for Oil and Gas Professionals as the capital stands as the epicenter of oil & gas jobs in the UAE. Most of the expatriates who have experience in this sector would target to land in a lucrative job in Abu Dhabi to enjoy the highest standard of living standard. The capital welcomes those who are skilled in this sector to boost country’s economy. Apart from the oil and gas sector, The city and Mussaafah are the preferred destinations of jobseekers in the Abu Dhabi Emirate as these locations are hosting many of the foreign companies and emerging industrial city. The new amenities and recent development to attract tourists have created more jobs in Abu Dhabi.

Recently the construction, banking and industrial sectors have got a kick start as part of diversifying into more sustainable economy. This has resulted in creating more jobs in the capital city. It is always a point for many expats to find the genuine source or opportunity to start finding their dream job in Abu Dhabi. For this, Quoodo is one of the emerging websites in Abu Dhabi offering job vacancies in Abu Dhabi from different sectors. Quoodo is becoming a preferred platform of employers in Abu Dhabi over the past few years for hiring and further announcing new job listings.

Jobseekers searching for jobs in Abu Dhabi will get regular job alerts once download and register on Quoodo App. On this platform, one can search for new jobs in Abu Dhabi from all sectors based on your competency, experience and other preferences. Jobseekers can start listing their profile on the page dedicated for them, making it an advantage for employers find you instantly on a page where jobseekers get noticed for suitable positions. We are providing features such as priority listing and auto cv submissions for jobseekers to make their lives easier on finding jobs in Abu Dhabi. The objective of letting everyone on Quoodo find their career is given top priority.

Jobseekers from every walk of life can find their next job in Abu Dhabi on Quoodo. That includes entry-level jobs in Abu Dhabi. Quoodo is committed to list jobs for expatriates and the citizens of United Arab Emirates as we are committed to showcase equal opportunity to every user of

We are listing Part-time jobs or jobs that allows to work from home in the city of Abu Dhabi for wider audience on our platform.

Now, download Quoodo App from Playstore or AppStore to stay tuned with jobs vacancies in Abu Dhabi emirate.

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Quoodo E-Commerce FZ LLC, Floor 10, Tower 2, RAKEZ, Amenity Center, RAK, United Arab Emirates P.O Box. 14700